Experience Haircut in Sofia City

I always loved the idea to cut hair in different and “strange” locations.
I believe that it’s a unique experience to get a haircut in an irrelevancy location, like a boutique store window, a bonded hotel, at a craft shop, on a beach or on a bridge.

Back in September 2012, I started the project «Experience Haircut» in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Every Wednesday I was cutting hair in different locations.
The procedure was simple. You arranged the day and time of your appointment, but you had no clue where it was gonna be.
The people loved it, and we became a Daily Secret insider tip 🙂

At an unexpected location,
an alternative venue,
at an unsuspected moment,
the idea is to create a unique moment for everybody who’s attending.

This by itself will create an entirely new experience in combination with your haircut.

Who is it for?


It’s for everybody who needs a good haircut.
But it’s especially for you who wants to make a difference and this starts from doing things (like a haircut) in a different way.
Are you ready to get a haircut that will pimp up your mood?
Why not combining it with a unique experience?

I’ll be more than happy to meet you 🙂


Do you love what you do?
This is important to me because I choose locations where you feel the passion of the owner.
If you love what you do, then my people will fall in love with it either.

I am sure you will like what will happen at your place.
Don’t hesitate to contact me to go over the details.